Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Yogurt, Granola and Fruit Parfait

Just thought I'd share how I made the most beautiful parfait type thing the other day. It is extremely straight forward, so don't stress if you are a terrible cook like I am. 

So, firstly get all your ingredients needed. Granola, yogurt and fruit of your choice, I chose kiwi, strawberries and banana. 

 I used this granola I got in the health food shop.

 You can use any yogurt you would like. I would preferably use natural Greek yogurt but I am slightly lactose intolerant, so I thought I'd try this dairy free yogurt from the health food shop.

Then cut up the fruit of your choice. 

Then finally put all your ingredients in a cup or a bowl or whatever floats your boats in whatever order is your preference. Here is my finished product -
Hope you enjoyed this post.

RV x

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