Saturday, 30 March 2013


Today is my brother Daniel's 14th birthday (he's so old)! So to celebrate we went out for a cute dinner -

Rocking a fishtail
Started snowing, looks like my coat has dandruff
Happy birthday Danny!
So to end this post I would just like to let you know that sadly they did not have the bow shirt from Glamorous in my size :( incase you were wondering, which I doubt you were.

Adios, besos.
RV x

Had To Share

I'm on a quick revision break and I just came across the most beautiful shirt, from Glamorous, that I have to share with you. I was on Twitter and Rosie Fortescue (Made in Chelsea star) posted a link to her latest 'Street Style' on her blog. So of course I click on the link and there before me on my computer screen was one of the most stunning shirts I've ever seen (ok maybe I'm being slightly dramatic and I'm sure some of you won't agree but I'm in love). I absolutely love it so hopefully I'll be able to order it later -

Ok, rant about the lovely shirt over. Back to revision.
Adios, besos.
RV x

Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter 'Holidays'

So today is the first day of my Easter 'holidays'. I say 'holidays' because a few weeks after I go back to school (in two weeks) my GCSEs begin. So these two weeks off are going to be filled with riveting revision. So my number of posts may decrease (but probably not). 

Last night I got my nails done -
The lady who does my nails wanted to try something fun and new, so why not. Excuse my disgusting cuticles. 
The other day my mum bought me some new Soap & Glory products that I'm absolutely loving, so I thought I would share them -
Everyone loves Hand Food.
Came free with a purchase (in Boots) on Soap & Glory goods over ten pounds and I'm absolutely loving it. 
Tomorrow is my brother Daniel's birthday so today our family friends came over to celebrate. Here are a few pictures -
Cheeky selfie when getting ready
Cheeky eye selfie
Eli playing tennis
Gabey watching everyone play tennis
Eli and Daniel
Daniel and his cake
Cheeky selfie of my outfit - leather shorts, new top and denim shirt
Adios, besos.
RV x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green (Meven? Stillie?)

Listen to this while reading this post (simply because Millie's in the video) -

I'm going to make this post short and sweet, mainly because I don't have much to say on this topic. Incase you don't know Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh and rapper Professor Green just got engaged. I am so happy for them, I absolutely adore them. I cannot wait to find out how he proposed. Here's a few adorable pictures of them together -

her instagram of her ring
his tweet after she instagramed the ring
Hope you're all having a lovely week.
Adios, besos.
RV x

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Shopping in the Snow

Listen to this while reading this post (if you live in London these are two perfect songs to listen to when watching the snow out the window) - 


So today I went in to town with Alex (yes I know it seems like she is my only friend...and...well...that isn't completely untrue) to go shopping and spend some of our birthday money. It was a pretty successful shopping trip, probably more for Alex than me, other than the fact it snowed the whole time. Here's a few pictures from the day -
Alex trying to be cute in the Topshop changing rooms
Me and Alex in our new Mickey Mouse tops
Beautiful lunch at Zizzi
Snow again
Alex wearing her sunglasses in the snow looking like an idiot
Tired on the way home
Mickey Mouse Topshop cropped top
Topshop duck lip balm
Cute mini wipes, duck lip balm and nail polish, all from Topshop
New Urban Outfitters sunglasses
New shirt and t-shirt from Urban Outfitters
Tomorrow night is my performing arts school (Pineapple)'s end of term show. So wish me luck.

Adios, besos.
RV x

Friday, 22 March 2013

The Piano Guys

Hola, just thought I would share this Youtube video that a girl in my music class showed everyone in the lesson today. As 'cheesy' as it seems it really brightened up my day -

Have a lovely weekend.

Adios, besos.
RV x

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Listen to this while reading this post (sorry I had to) -

So sorry this post is so late! I've been so busy with work and all that jazz. But anyway, last week was my birthday! And I hate to disappoint but I did not have a crazy party that will soon air on MTV (I know, so sad).

After school on the evening of my birthday my family and I went out for dinner to the Ivy -
few birthday cards
off to dinner
pon the car with the bro (excuse the chin)
brother in the restaurant with my plate
happy birthday to me x
My friend Alex's birthday is exactly a week after mine, so on the Saturday in between both we had a dinner at a Moroccan themed restaurant with some of our friends. Here's a few pictures from the evening -

getting ready before (insta'd by Alex)
taking yet another selfie
Kim dancing with the belly dancer 
Julesy shimming with the belly dancer
ass ass ass
insta'd again with Izzy and Eva


I got so many lovely gifts from my friends and family however I couldn't be bothered to take pictures of them all so here are a few of my favourites -
leather jacket
Urban Outfitters sunglasses

dream catcher
new perfumes
raspberry and papaya candle 
I love a frame
this was made for me
new t-shirts
Nars lipgloss and Mac brow set
Adios, besos.
RV x