Sunday, 16 June 2013

What Time Is It? SUMMER TIME

Just a little random post today. I have my performing arts school summer show this evening, just incase you were wondering. 

Yesterday I had personal training. Feeling absolutely dead afterwards I decided to take a bath, using my beautiful flower candles. They're so pretty -

When I was out the other day in town for my mum's birthday I bought these goodies.

Tangle Teaser - I'm pretty late on this band wagon because even though I've used my friend's Tangle Teaser's before I never felt the need to get on myself. My hair is straight and not too thick so it doesn't get very knotty, hence I do not use a hairbrush too often. However, the other day when I was at the hairdressers they used a Tangle Teaser on my wet hair and it was just so much easier than a comb. So when I came across one when browsing I decided to get it. I realise that this little mini rant about the thinness of my hair doesn't really make sense but I'm just going to roll with it.

Topshop liner - I also picked up a liquid eyeliner from Topshop. This eyeliner has been recommended to me quite a few times and it wasn't too expensive so I thought I might as well get it. After trying it out yesterday I absolutely love it. I have very oily eye lids so my eye shadow often creases, particularly in summer. So liquid eyeliner is a perfect alternative. I wore this Topshop one to rehearsals yesterday and it stayed perfectly and I just love it. (Do not get this in your eye - it hurts like a bitch)

Bye for now!

RV x

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