Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Exams Have Commenced

My GCSEs have finally began with Physics on Tuesday, and now I never have to do Physics ever again (unless I fail and have to retake but hopefully that won't happen.) So of course I am fairly stressed to say the least about these exams but I am trying to stay calm. I have found that online shopping really does help to calm the nerves. But I am being careful with what I purchase as I hope to do a lot of shopping when I'm in New York. Just purchased this beauty -
That's it for today, just a little bit of procrastination for me that hopefully wasn't too boring.

RV x

Also I am going to be blogging possibly every other day during the summer (when I'm in London) just to document fun and exciting things that I will hopefully getting up to.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Revision Break

Just a quick post today, as I am meant to be revising. Just thought I'd share what I bought last week when shopping with my friend Saskia, and yesterday when I was in Westfield shopping centre performing with my performing arts school. Nothing too major as I'm going to New York as soon as my exams finish (yay) and will be doing a lot of shopping when I'm there. 
From shopping with Saskia - both from Topshop, short sleeved white shirt, longer at the back so perfect to wear with leggings. Black high waster bikini bottoms, so happy I finally got them, have wanted them for ages!

Black leigh jeans and black and white harem pants. Both from Topshop.

Cute little thin t-shirt material grey day dress, perfect for holiday over a bikini. Or in the winter with a jacket, tights and boots. Also from Topshop.
This week we've also had my brother's French exchange, Lucien, staying with us. Tonight we're going to the London eye so I'll try and post a few picture about that when I have a moment. 

Lucien, me, Daniel (my brother) and my mum.
Watching my brother play tennis.
Happy revising if you have exams!
And if you don't... well... I have nothing to say to you.

RV x