Sunday, 15 December 2013



Recently I haven't been happy with the content here on 'rubyintherain' so I thought instead of trying to fix something that I saw as very very broken I might as well make a fresh start. Please check out my new blog Ruby's Eyes and let me know what you think -

Saturday, 7 December 2013

wintery weekend

The other Saturday was absolutely beautiful and wintery. The crisp air is my absolute favourite and Covent Garden is currently absolutely stunning and festive. I headed into town to do a bit of shopping with my friend Kim in which she was extremely successful and I was not. Following shopping we met up with our friends Eva and Maia for a lovely Wagamama. 

I find it imperative to include this blurry picture of Eva with the christmas tree in Covent Garden square -

*cough* buy me this mug for christmas *cough* -

Kimberly being classy changed into her new Docs in M&S -

For some reason I'm obsessed with this picture -

In Covent Garden square there are lego builds of various London landmarks. Bit bizarre I know, yet of course we did spend far too long looking at them. Here is Eva with what I called 'The Lego Eye' -

The following day I had rehearsals at my performing arts school and then in the evening I went to see Philomena in the cinema (review to come). I had a lovely little dinner from Planet Organic (one of my favourite places!)

Cute little page in 'It' by Alexa Chung -

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Cryptic Arabella

Roughly a couple of months ago my best friend Amber and I decided to collaborate and create a blog together. A couple of weeks ago we finally got around to setting up our blog Cryptic Arabella. We don't have a lot of content up yet however feel free to check it out, and stay tuned for exciting things to come! And yeah... That's kind of all I have to stay on the topic. Enjoy.

Me and Ambs the other day

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Monday, 2 December 2013

La Crêperie de Hampstead

On Monday the 11th of November the Hampstead creperie was meant to close. Apparently it hasn't, apparently it's changes it's opening times, who knows. But at the moment of these photos I thought it was closing. So on the Saturday before the closing day after a very large lunch at Chipotle with Eva and Kim we headed to Hampstead. 

Here are some pictures of Kim I had to include because for some reason I just really like them (???)

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Friday, 29 November 2013

Precious Freya

Those of you avid readers of my blog (anyone?!!?) will have met this face before, and if you have I'm sorry she's just sOoOo cute! Last weekend my auntie, cousin and her beautiful baby (making her my second cousin?? I don't know...) came to stay with my family for the weekend. So I just thought I'd share these precious pictures of Freya I took -

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


When? 16.11.13
Where? Outside Tara's house.
Why? Because Tara looked so cute in her humongous hood.
Favourite moment? The cold crisp air.
Not so favourite moment? The cold crisp air.

Post format inspired by this.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

All Hallows' Eve

I absolutely love Halloween. I don't know why. I think being in America in the build up to it may have made my love for the holiday grow, but who knows. The main thing about Halloween is the sweets. Maybe you're not meant to say that, but we all know it's true. This year I decided on having a fairly chilled Halloween; so my me and my best chum Amber went to my very good family friends house to open the door to adorable trick or treaters. As well as eating many of the sweets ourselves we found an extremely cool setting on Amber's camera that we had some fun with. We also created a new blog together however right now it is not ready for debut, but stay tuned! 

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Mundane Midweek (ballet)

Today I am really not feeling great. I really don't know how to explain it but I am going to attempt to try. First let me explain the title of this post. I do realise it is not midweek however I would definitely describe my day as mundane, with a side of emotional. The idea of a post to rant about an average or dull, terrible day was created by Charlotte and I just really like the idea of it, so click here for a far better explanation of what it actually is.

Occasionally I do like to use my blog to document my emotions and I do find it very therapeutic. However I have to be careful because of who reads my blog and because I do not want to seem ridiculous and irrational (although with my emotions and my thought process I'm sure this is inevitable). 

For the past couple of weeks I have been feeling slightly down but it's ok. I am often quite good at just getting on with things and ignoring how I'm feeling, however work is really beginning to get to me and I'm feeling slightly helpless. Because of my current headless chicken type state I have decided to quit ballet. To many people it will sound absolutely ridiculous that this is such a big deal to me but it really is. Making this decision has been so draining and almost impossible as both sides to me are a lose lose. If I carry on I'll be exhausted all the time, have to rush my work and be even more emotionally and physically run down than I am. But if I quit I'm really going to miss it and in the future I'm going to look back and really regret giving up. Right now I just feel like school work is more important. I really want to do well this year in school. I go to a very very very academic school and I always feel that I am no way near the standard of everyone around me. If I put in hard work on Monday and Wednesday evenings, that I now have back from not doing ballet, I will hopefully feel more on top of my work and not panic whenever I have a moment to actually think about what's going on. 

I'm really really sad about stopping ballet, I really am. But I just think right now school should be the priority. I can't tell if I've made the right decision and I'm already filled with regret but I guess that was inevitable. 

Sorry if you hated this post, here a picture of a dog in a horse mask -

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Saturday, 23 November 2013


Here's a video a made from my school trip to New York. Enjoy it or leave. 

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Thursday, 21 November 2013


Autumn is most definitely without a doubt my favourite season. The leaves are so pretty and the weather is lovely an crisp. As it is pretty late in Autumn (as I am writing this on November 15th) in town Christmas things are already appearing, which I guess is pretty exciting. Here are a couple of pictures that I've taken throughout this beautiful season (including an exceptional one of me getting my hair done).


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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Captain Phillips

The other night I went to the cinema to see Captain Phillips. Oh my god. One word: intense. Extremely intense. Captain Phillips is based on a true story from 2009 about an American cargo being pirated by Somalian fisherman. I personally knew as little as the latter sentence about the story and for the majority of the film every muscle in my body was tensed. Although this does sound slightly painful, and perhaps it was, it was such an incredible experience. I really really loved this film. I absolutely love watching whatever's on Sky movies after school or on the weekend but because I'm always so tired I always opt for something light. Captain Phillips is most definitely not light. It is definitely not a film to watch when you're tired and a must to see in the cinema. The story stopped at the perfect time with a heart shattering moment of Rich Phillips finally safe yet very overwhelmed about the whole situation. The plot was extremely clear, which I think in a story like this is vital. Particularly if you are like me and do not know much about it when going in. Tom Hanks was absolutely fantastic, as per usual, and Barkhad Abdi was incredible. Both performances are ones that will stay with me for a very long time. If you get a chance to see Captain Phillips I would highly recommend you go! I am so glad I saw it.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


If you don't know what Vine is where have you been and what are you doing with yourself? Make an account NOW and follow my lovely friend Maia (her user name is MaiaCollins). 

Recently some of my friends and I have been making hysterical (well we think so) Vines on Maia's account. Within some of these Vines we have introduced a character called Ru'by - private school girl (if you don't get the reference reevaluate your life). I was going to put a couple of my favourites all in a post together but the audio just overlapped and it was horrific (I do realise the Vine does loop and I'm sorry! I know it's a nightmare)... So behold, the debut of Ru'by private school girl (judge me if you so wish) -

I thought it also imperative to include this (definitely speaks 1000 words) -

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

NYC - Chelsea Market & The High Line

I absolutely loved going to the Chelsea Market and the High Line with my friends on this trip. The Chelsea Market is so cute and unique with an incredible selection of food and different small boutique shops; I could have spent hours there.

The sun was shining as we walked along the High Line. It was so nice to take in all the sights and even get a little tan. We then had the rest of the day to go shopping, which of course is never bad.

$85 pumpkin anyone?

Kimmie taking in the sights

gotta stay hydrated x
Kim and Eva <3

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