Monday, 24 June 2013

Summer Diaries - ROME

Earlier on this week a couple of days after my last exam my mum and I ventured off to Rome. It was absolutely boiling, but was so so lovely. As expected I took many many pictures and of course I'm going to share some with you. I apologise (slightly half heartedly) that there is not much text in this post I'm just extremely tired and most of the pictures do speak for themselves. 
top - Topshop
cardigan - Urban Outfitters
trousers - Topshop
trainers - Nike
dress - Anthropologie
shoes - Kurt Geiger

hat - Topshop
sunglasses - Ray Ban
shorts - Urban Outfitters
trainers - Adidas

dress - Topshop
shoes - Nike
socks - Topshop

sunglasses - Ray Ban
shirt - Topshop
shorts - Jack Wills
shoes - Adidas
socks - Topshop

Bye for now!

RV x

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