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Sunday, 15 December 2013



Recently I haven't been happy with the content here on 'rubyintherain' so I thought instead of trying to fix something that I saw as very very broken I might as well make a fresh start. Please check out my new blog Ruby's Eyes and let me know what you think -

Saturday, 7 December 2013

wintery weekend

The other Saturday was absolutely beautiful and wintery. The crisp air is my absolute favourite and Covent Garden is currently absolutely stunning and festive. I headed into town to do a bit of shopping with my friend Kim in which she was extremely successful and I was not. Following shopping we met up with our friends Eva and Maia for a lovely Wagamama. 

I find it imperative to include this blurry picture of Eva with the christmas tree in Covent Garden square -

*cough* buy me this mug for christmas *cough* -

Kimberly being classy changed into her new Docs in M&S -

For some reason I'm obsessed with this picture -

In Covent Garden square there are lego builds of various London landmarks. Bit bizarre I know, yet of course we did spend far too long looking at them. Here is Eva with what I called 'The Lego Eye' -

The following day I had rehearsals at my performing arts school and then in the evening I went to see Philomena in the cinema (review to come). I had a lovely little dinner from Planet Organic (one of my favourite places!)

Cute little page in 'It' by Alexa Chung -

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Cryptic Arabella

Roughly a couple of months ago my best friend Amber and I decided to collaborate and create a blog together. A couple of weeks ago we finally got around to setting up our blog Cryptic Arabella. We don't have a lot of content up yet however feel free to check it out, and stay tuned for exciting things to come! And yeah... That's kind of all I have to stay on the topic. Enjoy.

Me and Ambs the other day

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Monday, 2 December 2013

La Crêperie de Hampstead

On Monday the 11th of November the Hampstead creperie was meant to close. Apparently it hasn't, apparently it's changes it's opening times, who knows. But at the moment of these photos I thought it was closing. So on the Saturday before the closing day after a very large lunch at Chipotle with Eva and Kim we headed to Hampstead. 

Here are some pictures of Kim I had to include because for some reason I just really like them (???)

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Friday, 29 November 2013

Precious Freya

Those of you avid readers of my blog (anyone?!!?) will have met this face before, and if you have I'm sorry she's just sOoOo cute! Last weekend my auntie, cousin and her beautiful baby (making her my second cousin?? I don't know...) came to stay with my family for the weekend. So I just thought I'd share these precious pictures of Freya I took -

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