Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Summer Diaries - Growing Up

I'm feeling very grown up this week as I've been doing work experience (post about that to come). As I was being tremendously mature walking to the tube after 'work' I popped into Superdrug. Of course I was drawn to the make up and beauty section. I tried a couple of things (such as Rimmel BB cream which I wish I had got - tomorrow maybe?) but decided to get a beautiful purple Rimmel nail polish. All these nail polishes were £2 off as well as a lot of the other Rimmel products, which was an added bonus. 

I also picked up some dry shampoo that I ran out of during my trip to Rome. They didn't have any large bottles so I had to get the mini ones. These were in a section where lots of mini products were three for £3 which I thought was fantastic. I'm a sucker for deals, I think everything is a bargain.

Bye for now!

RV x

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