Friday, 13 September 2013

What to do?

This week has been my first full week back at school. It has been extremely hectic and I won't lie, it hasn't been great. Emotionally I have been very up and down, and I don't quite know why I'm sharing that fact but I guess it's just a way of me venting and releasing. If that makes any sense at all. As I'm back at school I have not really been documenting my days, mainly because I doubt anyone really gives a shit about what I'm learning in politics. This, I think, has also made my negative thoughts build up because documenting for me (blogging or vlogging) is very therapeutic for me. It makes me see all the positive, fun things that I do. Rather than focusing on the negative which more often than not, this week, I have been doing. (ALSO PEOPLE AT SCHOOL ARE DRIVING ME TOWARDS INSANITY).

Anyway, enough of that bizarre rant. To help me try and be more optimistic (I hate that word) I'm going to try and blog as much as I can. Mainly to help myself, to collect my thoughts and all odd things like that. Don't care? Don't want to read it? Don't. I'm doing this to benefit myself, not you. 

Sorry this post is kind of weird. To lighten/change/improve the mood here is a cute picture of Alex, Tara and I -

Sorry if you think these posts are weird, to be honest I don't care. I also realise that this is not the most brilliantly worded or structured thing but that is just another thing I do not care about right now.

Ruby x