Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Last week I filmed 10 seconds of my day everyday. I piled all my footage into a video and uploaded it on my YouTube channel -

Here are some photographs from the week -

ootd on Monday for the theatre
flower crown and winged liner
light dinner before the theatre (so unlike me I know, I was full from a huge lunch)

Dim T fortune cookie lol
present from Luch
present from Luch
going from lunch with Tara and Kim

lovely present from my mum's friend
Wagamama with Beth
jacket - Levi
playsuit - vintage
trainers - Adidas
me and Beth

mmm Dominos cookies
Sunday brunch in a cute place near my grandmas

lovely bread stool in a market

Sorry (but not sorry) that there isn't much text in this post. I've just gone back to school and I'm feeling extremely tired and lazy. Sue me for being human.

Ruby x

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