Saturday, 7 September 2013

Summer Diaries - AMBER

The other day I had the best day with my lovely friend Amber shopping in Brick Lane. (check out her blog - Firstly we went for lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and of course had some lovely burgers followed by SHOPPING. After lunch we browsed around the market and came across a lovely flower garland stool. I will definitely be returning to this stool as the prices were very reasonable and all the garlands were beautiful. After the market we hit the vintage shops eg - Blitz, Rokit, Beyond Retro...

The day was absolutely lovely and I am extremely happy with the purchases I made. Here are some photos from the beautiful day -

Because she's so cool Amber was asked by Blitz if they could take a picture of her for their street style 
glasses - Ray Ban
vest - Levi
cropped top - Topshop
skirt - American Apparel
shoes - Nike


flower garland (didn't want to unwrap it yet) 
from Beyond Retro
from Blitz


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