Sunday, 22 September 2013

'Cultured' & Cute Saturday

Hey guys! Just a post on the happenings of my Saturday. It was a very cute and lovely one for me and I hope it was for you too. I did vlog the day but I have been far to busy to edit any of it yet, so hopefully it won't be too long till it's up. It is currently ten o'clock on Sunday evening and I still have a theatre studies essay to do. My eyes are extremely heavy and if I stop laughing at this situation I'm definitely going to cry. However, I really want to get this post up (I know, dedication) so sorry if any of my teachers are reading this (fingers crossed they aren't). Anyway, onwards with the post my chums (snaps for you if you understood that reference).

On Saturday morning after personal training I met up with my friend Amber. We decided to meet at the Tate to go to an event called Pendulum that was happening there. Being the idiots we are we both assumed it was on at the Tate Modern. Oh how wrong we were. Luckily the Tate Britain isn't too difficult to get to from the Tate Modern. So after getting a Starbucks and laughing (a lot) at how ridiculously stupid we are we were Pendulum bound.

We had no idea what to expect but we went in open minded. It was pretty busy and you could really tell the effort the Tate had put in to attract a younger audience. The little sections that were part of the Pendulum event were very cute however my favourite part of the gallery was a dark room that had a photo reel of some really lovely photos showing (this was not part of the Pendulum event). Amber and I sat in this room for ages listening to the soothing click of the projector as the pictures changed.

excuse the unpainted nails 
Amber being Amber
in the glamorous toilet

 culture x

I'm such a good friend buying Ambs a Strabucks

After going separate ways with Amber I met up with my friends Alex, Amelia and Tara. We had a really lovely girlie evening involving chocolate and chat.

Alex and her precious dog Millie
Amelia and Alex all snuggled up
the cutie that is Amelia 
Me and Mills
cute insta of me and Amelia

All in all a very nice day.

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Good luck for school this week!
Ruby x

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