Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Summer Diaries - Stone Setting

I spent a while deliberating over whether or not to do this post. In the end I thought that considering I'm documenting pretty much my whole summer I should as it was a pretty important day for me. 

A few weeks ago was my great uncle Randy's stone setting. In the jewish religion it is tradition to bury a person as quickly as possible after their death so the head stone for the grave is often not ready. So on the year anniversary of their death the stone is set. Before going over to the grave there was a short service. The weather was absolutely incredible, just how Randy loved it. A lovely service and fantastic celebration of life. My grandpa Solly was buried in the same graveyard as Randy so whilst everyone headed over to my cousins house my parents, brother, uncle and I went to visit his grave. 

My poppa Solly died when I was just three years old, however I do have some very strong memories of him and do remember his strong, vivid character. I had never visited his grave before and it was very emotional for me. Particularly seeing the front part from me and my brother on the front of the grave. 

The cemetery was absolutely beautiful particularly with the lovely weather. Although the day was very sad you must stay positive in situations such as these and think of them more as a celebration of life. 

dress - Topshop
Rest in peace great uncle Randy and poppa Solly. Missing you always.

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