Wednesday, 21 August 2013


GCSE results day is tomorrow and for some unknown bizarre reason I am not nervous at all, though my whole timeline on Twitter is people freaking out about tomorrow. Honestly I think everyone needs to shut the fuck up. If you're nervous that's fine, but tweeting every five seconds about how nervous you are really isn't going to help you at this point. Exams are done so being nervous about receiving your results is not going to do anything. It is not going to improve your results BECAUSE YOU'VE ALREADY DONE THE EXAM. I personally am trying to refrain from tweeting about results day because I actually don't really have anything to say. What will be will be. And yeah it may be fucking shit but you have to deal with the consequences. Another thing that really really really pisses me off is parents. Not my parents in particular (because I haven't really had many discussions about results/exams with them and they know that I am not the brightest person and they know what will be will be). Parents get so involved in their children's education. And of course I totally understand parents helping their children with work but doing coursework with/for them and revising with them constantly is way too much. I know people that have parents that are going to be seriously pissed off if their child doesn't get all A*. If I was a parent and my child did not do as well as I expected of course I would be disappointed but getting angry is seriously not going to help the situation in any shape or form. Most people know if they have done enough work so receive good grades. I do not think that I worked nearly as hard as I am capable to I have no got high expectations for my results tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

To anyone receiving results tomorrow the best of luck to you.

Do not stress out because it is not going to help anything. 

I do apologise about this slightly odd and terribly punctuated and set out rant.

Enjoy the end of your summer and I'm sure you can look forward to a back to school rant with in the next couple of weeks or so.


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