Sunday, 18 August 2013

Summer Diaries - Edinburgh Festival

Every year my family and I take the train up to Edinburgh at the beginning of August for start of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I absolutely love going up to Edinburgh every year. I think it's such a beautiful city and I cannot wait to go back next year. 

My top three favourite shows that I saw this year were (in no particular order):

Pete Firman - The Scoundrel
Tom Thum and Jamie Macdowell 
Baby Wants Candy

I made a video on my Youtube documenting the trip so feel free to take a look at that -

Here are some pictures from the trip -

hot chocolate on the train


hate these kind of signs, of course it fucking can

wanted to take this bath thing home, sadly it would not fit in my bag...

there's always room for dessert!

pleasance courtyard
not amused

he always manages to ruin things



waffle between shoes
Missoni hotel
Missoni hotel

my wounded shoes


from a market
from a market
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