Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summer Diaries - Day With Maia

Today I went for lunch and shopping in Camden with my lovely friend Maia. I absolutely love Camden at the moment. I think it's the sunshine. All the colours seem so much more vivid and the people just seem happier. However when the sun goes in it's slightly bleak. 

When we arrived we headed straight for Wagamama for lunch. After filling up on chicken teriyaki we browsed the shops.

Firstly we popped into H&M. They had a three for two deal on a lot of £3.99 t shirts. A bargain that I could not resist. I really like the cut of these. They're perfect for a comfy outfit and also for exercise. 

We then headed to the fairly new "Urban Outfitters shop. I only made a small purchase in Urban Outfitters but a very cute one at that -

The bracelet was £6 which I think is really good for Urban Outfitters. Maia and I got the same one and I also got one for my friend Izzy.

cinema chairs in Urban Outfitters

Final we went to American apparel. Sadly I did not buy anything but Maia bought an incredible bag that I am extremely jealous of.

After a pretty successful shopping trip we headed closer to home for some frozen yoghurt.

Later that evening we went out for dinner at Delisserie with Izzy.

top - Topshop
shorts - American Apparel
cut off - Levi
sunglasses - Urban Outfiiters
trainers - Adidas