Monday, 12 August 2013

Summer Diaries - Breakfast With My Spirit Animal

All these posts have been scheduled so I never know what to write at the beginning because often what I am writing about happened today or yesterday for me but by the time they will be published it will of course not be then. That doesn't really make sense but ok.

So today (for me not you) I went out for breakfast with my lovely friend Amelia. Here are some pictures of me and the cutie from our little date.

looking insane
excuse the under eye bags I'm still jetlagged from NY
jacket - Levi
cropped top - American Apparel
skirt - American Apparel
bag - souk in Morocco
trainers - Adidas

blogger caught in action
Amelia's healthy breakfast
Amelia's photography
Amelia in the rain

Amelia's photography again

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