Tuesday, 19 November 2013


If you don't know what Vine is where have you been and what are you doing with yourself? Make an account NOW and follow my lovely friend Maia (her user name is MaiaCollins). 

Recently some of my friends and I have been making hysterical (well we think so) Vines on Maia's account. Within some of these Vines we have introduced a character called Ru'by - private school girl (if you don't get the reference reevaluate your life). I was going to put a couple of my favourites all in a post together but the audio just overlapped and it was horrific (I do realise the Vine does loop and I'm sorry! I know it's a nightmare)... So behold, the debut of Ru'by private school girl (judge me if you so wish) -

I thought it also imperative to include this (definitely speaks 1000 words) -

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