Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Captain Phillips

The other night I went to the cinema to see Captain Phillips. Oh my god. One word: intense. Extremely intense. Captain Phillips is based on a true story from 2009 about an American cargo being pirated by Somalian fisherman. I personally knew as little as the latter sentence about the story and for the majority of the film every muscle in my body was tensed. Although this does sound slightly painful, and perhaps it was, it was such an incredible experience. I really really loved this film. I absolutely love watching whatever's on Sky movies after school or on the weekend but because I'm always so tired I always opt for something light. Captain Phillips is most definitely not light. It is definitely not a film to watch when you're tired and a must to see in the cinema. The story stopped at the perfect time with a heart shattering moment of Rich Phillips finally safe yet very overwhelmed about the whole situation. The plot was extremely clear, which I think in a story like this is vital. Particularly if you are like me and do not know much about it when going in. Tom Hanks was absolutely fantastic, as per usual, and Barkhad Abdi was incredible. Both performances are ones that will stay with me for a very long time. If you get a chance to see Captain Phillips I would highly recommend you go! I am so glad I saw it.

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