Friday, 5 July 2013

Summer Diaries - Summertime Sadness

I've been very busy this past week. Something that I am not generally to use to. I really love staying at home and chilling out, and that is how I use to spend a lot of my time. Particularly during the exam period (wow I sound really sad). However since it is summer I have been going out a lot more. Often with the persuasion of my friends, but still. Last night it sort of hit me how tired and a little sad I am. And also how everyone is so caught up with themselves, causing them to be slightly oblivious to everyone else. This perhaps doesn't really make sense to everyone but hopefully it does to some people. Just today I'm feeling a little bit of the summertime sadness (yes the pun does kill me as much as it does you). I'm just trying to keep myself distracted however without completely knackering myself out. Anyway, I don't quite know where I'm going with this, I'm just kind of telling you that I'm feeling a little down and tired. Ok I'm going to stop now. 

Terrible rant over.

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