Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Happening Palette

You may or may not know that GCSEs start in under two weeks (oh god), and that is the reason why I have not been posting too much. However when I finish my GCSEs on the 14th of June, probably the longest summer I will ever have begins. I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing over the summer but I will be blogging about it all (and possibly vlogging). So stay tuned! 

Today I thought I'd do just a quick post on one of my most recent purchases from Nars - The Happening Palette! 

The blush of the left is coralie and quite subtle, which I really like as I don't like blush to be too strong and harsh, particularly on myself. 

The bronzer on the right is really nice for a natural little bit of colour. However, personally I prefer the Mac bronzer that has a little bit of glitter in it.

The light eye shadow on the top left is nice to cover the whole eye right up to the brow bone to wear with just liquid eyeliner, or on the inside corner for a smokey eye.

The purple eye shadow on the bottom left is nice for a fairly light smokey eye or lightly over the whole eye up to the crease for a lazy make up day.

The light brown on the top right is also good for the whole eye up to the crease on a lazy make up day.

Finally the dark brown on the bottom right is good for under the eye with a subtle smokey eye as it is less harsh than black. 

Just a quick little review, not the best.

RV x

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