Thursday, 21 March 2013


Listen to this while reading this post (sorry I had to) -

So sorry this post is so late! I've been so busy with work and all that jazz. But anyway, last week was my birthday! And I hate to disappoint but I did not have a crazy party that will soon air on MTV (I know, so sad).

After school on the evening of my birthday my family and I went out for dinner to the Ivy -
few birthday cards
off to dinner
pon the car with the bro (excuse the chin)
brother in the restaurant with my plate
happy birthday to me x
My friend Alex's birthday is exactly a week after mine, so on the Saturday in between both we had a dinner at a Moroccan themed restaurant with some of our friends. Here's a few pictures from the evening -

getting ready before (insta'd by Alex)
taking yet another selfie
Kim dancing with the belly dancer 
Julesy shimming with the belly dancer
ass ass ass
insta'd again with Izzy and Eva


I got so many lovely gifts from my friends and family however I couldn't be bothered to take pictures of them all so here are a few of my favourites -
leather jacket
Urban Outfitters sunglasses

dream catcher
new perfumes
raspberry and papaya candle 
I love a frame
this was made for me
new t-shirts
Nars lipgloss and Mac brow set
Adios, besos.
RV x

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