Saturday, 23 March 2013

Shopping in the Snow

Listen to this while reading this post (if you live in London these are two perfect songs to listen to when watching the snow out the window) - 


So today I went in to town with Alex (yes I know it seems like she is my only friend...and...well...that isn't completely untrue) to go shopping and spend some of our birthday money. It was a pretty successful shopping trip, probably more for Alex than me, other than the fact it snowed the whole time. Here's a few pictures from the day -
Alex trying to be cute in the Topshop changing rooms
Me and Alex in our new Mickey Mouse tops
Beautiful lunch at Zizzi
Snow again
Alex wearing her sunglasses in the snow looking like an idiot
Tired on the way home
Mickey Mouse Topshop cropped top
Topshop duck lip balm
Cute mini wipes, duck lip balm and nail polish, all from Topshop
New Urban Outfitters sunglasses
New shirt and t-shirt from Urban Outfitters
Tomorrow night is my performing arts school (Pineapple)'s end of term show. So wish me luck.

Adios, besos.
RV x

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