Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter 'Holidays'

So today is the first day of my Easter 'holidays'. I say 'holidays' because a few weeks after I go back to school (in two weeks) my GCSEs begin. So these two weeks off are going to be filled with riveting revision. So my number of posts may decrease (but probably not). 

Last night I got my nails done -
The lady who does my nails wanted to try something fun and new, so why not. Excuse my disgusting cuticles. 
The other day my mum bought me some new Soap & Glory products that I'm absolutely loving, so I thought I would share them -
Everyone loves Hand Food.
Came free with a purchase (in Boots) on Soap & Glory goods over ten pounds and I'm absolutely loving it. 
Tomorrow is my brother Daniel's birthday so today our family friends came over to celebrate. Here are a few pictures -
Cheeky selfie when getting ready
Cheeky eye selfie
Eli playing tennis
Gabey watching everyone play tennis
Eli and Daniel
Daniel and his cake
Cheeky selfie of my outfit - leather shorts, new top and denim shirt
Adios, besos.
RV x

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