Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Simple Pleasures

Listen to this while reading this post -


My weekend was absolutely lovely. And I do not say that very often. On Saturday after conquering an extrememly tedious piece of English coursework and a History essay I went for a late lunch to Wagamama's with my friend Lucy. As she was half an hour late I took a few pictures on Hampstead Heath. Even though it did start to rain I luckily had a big coat and my iPod to get me through.

Calvin Klein scarf, Topshop jumper, Stella & Dot necklace, bag from market in Marrakech
chillin' in da toilet

Sunday was also very nice. My whole family had brunch with our family friends, that we go to Mauritius with every Christmas. Followed by a bit of shopping and dinner. Then of course coming home fairly early for Sunday night TV; Glee and Hawaii Five-0. 

Superman Leo showing me his muscles
Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek
Helen posing
Gabey on the piano
Me and monkey

Shopping in Margaret Howell


Margaret Howell mens 'sweater vest'

That concludes the description of my weekend. 

HAPPY PANCAKE DAY. I have decided to give up chocolate for Lent.. Wish me luck, I need it.

RV x

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  1. wow - such lovely photos! (and great song choices too btw!! haha) i love wagamamas! you just made me crave it so bad right now!!