Friday, 22 February 2013

Day With Luch

Listen to this while reading this post  - 

Today (wearing my new chord pini) I went into town with my friend Lucia to go see the Tyler Shields photography exhibition. I wasn't allowed to take photos inside the exhibition but I took a few (featuring Lucia) outside -
Peace and Pout
Waiting for the bus
Tyler Shields - Chromatic
Lucia outside Tyler Shields
Luchie's cutie outfit
My fav
Believe it or not this was not posed
Chillin' in the changing rooms
Tube home
Topshop cropped jumper
Topshop shorts
Last proper day of half term well spent. Now only two days left, and since it's the weekend they don't entirely count. I have no plans tomorrow so I will probably just be spending the whole day watching One Tree Hill in my onsie. I know what you're thinking, wow she's so cool, I wish I was her bla bla bla. And to that I say - 

One last thing; today when I was getting the tube home I kept seeing posters for a new film called The Guilt Trip which I'd never seen. Obviously I was immediately drawn to the posters as the stars of the movie are two of my favourite people; Barbra Streisand (the incredible) and Seth Rogen. As soon as I got home I watched the trailer and it looks fantastic. I cannot wait to see it! Here's the trailer -
Adios, besos.
RV x

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