Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Half Term So Far

Listen to this while reading this post (these songs have been in my head all week) - 


(The dancing in this season of Glee is absolutely fantastic, I LOVE ZACH WOODLEE)

Incase you hate Glee here are two other options (or you can of course listen to all four) -

(I know this isn't really a song but it's just amazing)
Right, so half term so far has been pretty busy and fun (even though I have had a tutor for two hours almost every morning). I've already done a post on my new hair so other than getting my hair dyed I have been doing a lot of shopping. My brother is away in Germany playing tennis so my house has been extremely quiet. The last day of the half term at my school was own clothes day and I wore my new Topshop top (yay to wearing new clothes) -

Topshop top
Levi jeans
The next day my parents and I dropped my brother and his coach off at the station and then went shopping. After shopping I met up with some friends and went to the hairdressers followed by an early dinner at Wagamama.
Brother on the way to the train station
Terminal D shirt
Nike blazers
Satchel from Cambridge Satchel Company (early birthday present)

Shoes from Pretty Ballerina
Terminal D cardigan
Terminal D jumper
Terminal D dress
Urban Outfitters bandeau
Beautiful Eva with Lucy in the corner
Alex in stripey trousers
Hair being dyed
She cute
Sippin' da juice
Sippin' da green tea
My sociable friends
Eva's indie photography from the floor
Eva on the tube floor
A few nights ago I went to see A Chorus Line with my mum for the last preview -
Wearing my new shirt

Sunset in Covent Garden

Toilet at Sophie's
Rickshaw to the theatre
A Chorus Line

Yesterday I went to Brick Lane with my friends Lucy and Lucia and bought a few cute things.
Waiting for da bus
How to be a douchebag
Hedgehog bag
Lucia's photography
Trying on glasses in Urban Outfitters
If the shoe fits buy a pair in every colour.
Scarf from Blitz
Jumper from Rokit


Topshop socks
More socks
Topshop chord pini dress

Went to Ikea today and bought a few things for my room which I will post another time. (I know what you're thinking; wow Ikea she's so hip. I know, I know. And I went with my grandma). 

Hope you're having a lovely half term, sorry this is such a long post. I will now love you and leave you with these two hilarious and cute photos -

RV x

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