Sunday, 20 October 2013

Summer Diaries - Pembrokeshire, Wales 2013

WARNING: A lot of pretty pictures of the beach. If not interested to do not read on.

Every year my family and our very good family friends go on a trip to Pembrokeshire in Wales together. As my mum always says: going to Pembrokeshire is like going back in time. The beautiful landscape is completely untouched and breathtaking.

I looking forward to going to Pembrokeshire so much every summer. It's so different to any other holiday my family takes throughout the year. Our family friends have a beautiful dog, Roscoe, so for one thing I get the joy of having a lovely dog for a week. We spend days on stunning beaches in the unpredictable weather and go on walks, which I can usually only get through with Roscoe pulling me along. Here's a video I made of the trip -

Onwards with the pictures -

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