Sunday, 13 October 2013


First things first I would like to apologise for my lack of frequent blog posts. The lack of blogging in my life has actually stressed me out. I have just been so so busy with school and various other things and this week I've also been really ill (as much first picture illustrates). So basically, to conclude, I need to sort myself out and get back on track with everything; so bare with me whilst I do.

As per usual, when I don't blog for ages and freak out about my lack of documentation, I have a lot of photographs from what's been going on with me. So here goes -

Glamorous photo of my not so glamorous Lemsip
My lovely new jumper I ordered from the lovely new Blitz website 
Photograph my english teacher asked me to take to use for creative writing, what a cutie
As I have previously mentioned I'm looking to go to uni in America, so a couple of weeks ago I went to a uni evening with information about a lot of unit in America. It was so exciting but also pretty scary and stressful. 
Cute smoothie display in the Whole Foods window
Beautiful breakfast from Giraffe
Sky walking to school
New cute notepad my dad got me

The next few photographs new an explanation. A couple of weekends ago it was my beautiful friend Maia's birthday. To celebrate she invited me and four other friends to have a sleepover in a hotel in central London. It was absolutely hysterical and most definitely a night I will never forget. Unfortunately if I want to keep all my friends I cannot share all the photos I took on that evening, however here are some that are more appropriate - 

Eva and some elephants
Kim and Eva being cute
Insta of Kim, Eva and I
Erin, me and Kim
Dinner in China town at Wong Kei
bitches love cake

Kim in the comfiest bed
I am going to try and post more often, I still have one more 'Summer Diaries' post scheduled which I really need to get round to sorting out.

Ruby x

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